90 George Street, Fitzroy

Though Alfred Deakin, Prime Minister of Australia from 1903-4, 1905-8 and 1909-10 is usually listed as being born in Collingwood on 3rd August 1856, his birthplace was actually Fitzroy (as the name was altered in 1857 ). His first place of residence was 56 George Street, though with current numbering it would be No 90.

Image held by Fitzroy Library. Birth place of former Prime Minister of Australia, Alfred Deakin.

Sourced from the Fitzroy Historical Society, June 2006:

Sadly, the original house has been demolished. He later lived in Gore St, adjacent to Rose Chong’s Fancy Dress Shop where his father operated in the firm of Hill & Deakin, Cab Proprietors. Deakin had a career in State politics before being elected to the Federal Parliament. You will find his name as State Chief Secretary on the Foundation Stone on the Court House which is part of Fitzroy Town Hall on its southern side. It is perhaps a pity that his early places of residence have no commemorative marking.

Alfred Deakin
Alfred Deakin by  Elliott T. Fay. Image held by Fitzroy Library.

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