Hollow, Joseph (Builder) (1839-1903)

Joseph was born in Marazion, a little seaside village in the Parish of St. Hilary, Cornwall. His father Stephen Hollow would have been about 39 years and his mother 34 years and he was their seventh child. Joseph had at least a further three younger siblings as well. (England Census 1841) Stephen Hollow was aContinue reading “Hollow, Joseph (Builder) (1839-1903)”

617 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North

In 1883, number 613 is owned by John G Bird and 615 is owned by Joshua Bennett. Both of these are single blocks of land. James Sharpe owns the double block of land from 617-619(Rate Books, 1882-1883). The two houses 617-619 are built in 1884 by James Sharpe (Foreman). They appear in the rate booksContinue reading “617 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North”

Johnston Street, Fitzroy

In 1837 Robert Hoddle, the colony’s Surveyor General, divided undeveloped paddocks north of the boundary of the Melbourne area into square mile allotments. The government reserved some of the land for the main boundary streets, including Nicholson Street, Victoria Parade, Alexandra Parade and Smith Street. Land for another east-west street was also set aside atContinue reading “Johnston Street, Fitzroy”

382 Napier Street, Fitzroy (Clova)

This house holds quite an interesting history! From this side of the road you can see the tower of the MacRobertson’s Chocolate Factory which rise up behind these houses, but in 1886 when this row of terrace houses were first built, the factory did not exist, however MacPherson Robertson, owner of the Factory certainly didContinue reading “382 Napier Street, Fitzroy (Clova)”