122 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

“This building was constructed in 1886 for Samuel Peacock, a doctor.  The building is very grand and provides a landmark for the area.  It is of an unusual, possibly unique, three storey single terrace house design with a steep mansard roof and widows walk.  The original gas fittings survive to the façade.  Unfortunately, the buildingContinue reading “122 Johnston Street, Fitzroy”

117 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North

Originally, 117 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North was part of the site of St Luke’s Church, which was purchased by the Church on 27 November 1878 after they were given permission to sell the previous site on Alexandra Parade in 1877. (D C McColl, St Luke’s Church of England, N. Fitzroy, St. Marks Church ofContinue reading “117 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North”

117-119 George Street, Fitzroy

“This single storey house was constructed for William Candy, a botanist who owned occupied the property from 1866-1897; his son William, a filter maker, also is noted as owner and occupier.  The ornamental parapet with stone decorations is of interest, and it is probably that these decorations came from Candy’s monumental works.  In 1855, Candy’sContinue reading “117-119 George Street, Fitzroy”

67-69 George Street, Fitzroy

“This pair of houses is presented as a unified composition despite different dates of construction.  Number 67 was constructed in 1873 for Hewitt Henderson, a dairyman, to the design of architect, G.R. Cox, and it is likely that Henderson employed the same architect when he built 69 as a pair in 1888.  Henderson was aContinue reading “67-69 George Street, Fitzroy”

10 Palmer Street, Fitzroy

I haven’t yet done much research on this address as yet, however it was the residence of Alfred Kursteiner and his wife in the 1876. Kursteiner was the architect behind a number of Fitzroy houses which are listed on the biography page. But of interest here, Kursteiner’s wife Catherine died here in 1876 aged justContinue reading “10 Palmer Street, Fitzroy”

76 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (part of Glass Terrace)

These are thought to be some of the oldest surviving terrace houses in Fitzroy, though they were not built as one consecutive terrace. The numbers 72-74 were “almost certainly the pair of bluestone walled houses at numbers 72-74.” The South Fitzroy Conservation Study continues noting that “Now although Gill’s former assistant David Ross was laterContinue reading “76 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (part of Glass Terrace)”