63-69 Holden Street, Fitzroy North

Old particle board factory that has now been converted into a set of apartments. “This building, constructed 1919, is only remarkable for its size and substantially intact facade. It has a bluestone base course, rough dressed all the way round, except for the little shop front on the corner with the splayed entrance door, whereContinue reading “63-69 Holden Street, Fitzroy North”

14-20 Best Street, Fitzroy North

This location has had a massive history, being a publishing company Echo Publishing Company(1886-1907) “This postcard-sized advertisement for Echo Publishing Company Limited of North Fitzroy was discovered amongst some notebooks, handwritten by William Wilson of Drummond Street, Carlton. Mr Wilson was a student at the Education Department Training College in Grattan Street, Carlton, in theContinue reading “14-20 Best Street, Fitzroy North”

62 Falconer Street, Fitzroy North

“This timber house, constructed for Charlotte Morton in 1900, replaced an earlier brick house, that was possibly destroyed by fire. It is a three gabled composition with the central larger gable recessed and a verandah connects the two pavilion wings. The cast iron frieze work is of a late character. There is intact leadlighting toContinue reading “62 Falconer Street, Fitzroy North”

301 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North (Metropolitan Fire Brigade)

This building, constructed in 1912 replaced an earlier timber fire station built at this site believed to have been built in 1888 (as seen below). “This building, constructed in 1912, possibly to the design of Cedric Ballantyne, is a brick composition in five bays relieved by rendered strips, string lines, Corinthianesque capitals and a brokenContinue reading “301 St Georges Road, Fitzroy North (Metropolitan Fire Brigade)”

13 Church Street, Fitzroy North

This property was classified as ‘repairable’. It was bought by Housing Commission on 2 June 1970 for $7,250. The date of the demolition is unknown. On the left to West, there is an industrial building on two blocks. Behind, to North there is a factory (now gone) in Boston Place. Taken within the block ChurchContinue reading “13 Church Street, Fitzroy North”