14-20 Best Street, Fitzroy North

This location has had a massive history, being a publishing company

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Echo Publishing Company(1886-1907)

“This postcard-sized advertisement for Echo Publishing Company Limited of North Fitzroy was discovered amongst some notebooks, handwritten by William Wilson of Drummond Street, Carlton. Mr Wilson was a student at the Education Department Training College in Grattan Street, Carlton, in the early 1900s. The advertisement served a dual purpose in promoting a book by American author Ellen G. White, and the verso could also be used as a blotter – a smart way of advertising in the days of pen and ink. The Echo Publishing Company Limited began as a small-scale religious publisher and printer on the corner of Rae and Scotchmer Streets, North Fitzroy, in 1886. The business expanded its operations to include commercial work, and moved to larger premises at 14-16 Best Street, North Fitzroy in 1889. The Company, run by the Seventh Day Adventists, reviewed its operations in the early 1900s and made the decision, based on its religious principles, to discontinue commercial work and leave the city for Warburton. The North Fitzroy factory was vacated in February 1907. William Wilson’s notebooks were kindly donated to CCHG by the Yarra Ranges Regional Museum. The advertising blotter is now in the local history collection of the Fitzroy Library.” Yarra Past Port – by cchg.

Purina Grain Foods Pty Ltd (1920-195?)

In March 1920, Purina Foods Co. applied to establish their cereal factory at 14-20 Best Street, employing 40 males and 60 females. This was approved by the Health and Public Works Committee (Fitzroy City Press, 20 Mar 1920)

According to a City of Yarra Review the factory in the image below was created in the period of 1935-1940. ” It was assessed in Land Values Research Group 1947-8 as among the most improved properties in Fitzroy. The place has a good integrity to its creation date and was designed by the noted architect, A. Mortimer McMillan. Fabric from that creation date at the Purina Grain Foods P/L cereal manufacturers factory, former is locally significant within the City of Yarra, compared to other similar places from a similar era.” (City of Yarra Review of Heritage Precincts 2007)

Cadet Shoes

Cadet Shoes from the 1980’s is now a series of apartments. Most of the exterior remains.

Image held by Fitzroy Library. Cadet Shoe Company, Best Street, North Fitzroy 1980

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    1. Hi Monique – fantastic – how long ago were you there? Do you have any photos that show an interesting perspective, such as the inner court yard areas?

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