40 Webb St, Fitzroy

This building has an interesting history, it was a large building that was built prior to 1880 and was a likely a square building with four upper window on each side as shown in the 1880 photograph below. Part of the building was removed sometime between 1900 (MMBW map) and this top photo to allow for the building of the factory at the back.

Photo of 40 Webb St (unknown when).

The owner of 40 Webb St, was John Stone. “He and an apprentice commenced the timber business and the manufacture of doors and window frames in 1858. Initially they were at the corner of Napier and Charles Streets, and the business grew to occupy large sites nearby. By 1900 it employed over 100 people. John Stone died in 1908.

40 Webb St was the big building in the foreground (Stone building that is two stories). This is the on the intersection of Webb and Napier St. The photo is taken from the top of the Town Hall in 1880. The building was modified at some point between this photo and the photo above to remove the back part of the building which was replaced with the back factory on Webb St.

Ultimately this house along with all of those around it was removed in the late 1960’s for the Atherton housing project.

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