24-26 Brookes Crescent, Fitzroy North

Looking East: Brookes Crescent Reserve showing local children and a playground. In the immediate background Nos. 21, 23, 25 (demolished) and No. 27 (later to be demolished). The owner of No. 21 had undertaken extensive internal renovations and redecorations. No. 25 was bought by the Housing Commission on 23 September 1969 for $7,600 and demolished on 10 April 1970. It had not been subject to a demolition or repair order.

Photo held by Yarra Libraries. 26 and 24 are the two houses on the left, which were 21 and 23 prior to renumbering (same order from the left side of the street). Photo by Elinor Scrambler, 1971
Google Image from July 2019, showing the same trees and two surviving houses. All the houses to the left and right of these two houses are now housing commission.

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