175 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

“Originally a hotel (de-licensed early C20th), then leased in the early 1940s to Goodwill Service Fellowship (group of Christian Pacifists) led by Frank Coaldrake Bursar, Brotherhood of St. Laurence; during war years, the building housed Conscientious objectors who undertook work in Fitzroy for the duration When Alfred Charles Clarke went to live there, he described it as a communal boarding-house and headquarters of the Pacifist Movement as “good fun” : after the war, the University of Melbourne SRC took over the lease (taken out in the names of Prof. ‘Pansy’ Wright and Prof. Brown). When the building was sold to a Mr. Tilley, he wanted to get the students out, but was unable to do so. Building was known as “Marijuana House”” (Fitzroy Library)

Image held by Fitzroy Library. c1943 Taken by Alfred Charles Clarke
Image held by Fitzroy Library. Showing remnants of the building’s use as “Marijuana House”. Photo taken 1985 by Alfred Charles Clarke
Nelson Alexander Photo – 2011 – Sold for $2.3m

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