Edinburgh Gardens, Fitzroy North

I have not completed a lot of research on the Gardens as yet, but have come across some amazing pictures so have started this post to share what I currently have found. The earliest photo is the one below, which I think is simply magical – I just wish I could find a better copy!

Image from The Leader, 8 Feb 1896

“This pavilion was constructed in 1924 to the design of honary architect Edward Twentyman. The scheme derives from the Tholos of Delphi. It is a circular Doric building with rather attenuated columns, more Tuscan or Roman Doric than Greek Doric. There are 8 plain unfluted shafts with five panels of metopes between. The dividing triglyphs have two vertical shafts and are complete with guttae, all slightly brittle and thin in execution. There is a plain cornice above it and a dome in metal sheeting. The pavilion base is a solid drum and there is a high flight of stairs rising to it. An early photograph of the building shows that the base was originally rusticated and the rough cast finish a later alteration. There was originally an iron fence around the structure.” (North Fitzroy Conservation Study, 1978). (Glossary)

Band Rotunda, Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy. by  Allan Studios, 318 Smith Street, Collingwood. Dec 1940. Held by Fitzroy Library
Edinburgh Gardens band rotunda, North Fitzroy. by  Allan Studios, 318 Smith Street, Collingwood. c.1965. Held by Fitzroy Library
Playground in Edinburgh Gardens, North Fitzroy. c.1965 – by  Allan Studios, 318 Smith Street, Collingwood.  
Image held by Fitzroy Library.
 Image held by Fitzroy Library. c1972

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