95-97 Rowe Street, Fitzroy North

Mark Moss & Co

Mark Moss owned a large portion of North Fitzroy. In 1875 he acquired the whole block bounded by Rushall Crescent, Falconer, Michael and Rowe streets (Fitzroy – Melbourne’s First Suburb, p.27). It appears that at some point between 1875 and 1884 the land consisting of 99-109 (now number 95-109 Rowe Street) were owned by A Windsor. This land was sold in 1885 to Eliza Read (numbers 95-97 (today’s numbers)) and Joseph Hollow, a builder (103-109).

Plan of allotments in North Fitzroy – detail showing first purchase from the Crown. Block bounded by Rushall Crescent, Plenty Road, McKean Street and Brennand street was sold second (after the quarry allotments) in 1855 with neighbouring blocks sold in 1865/1875. (North Fitzroy Conservation Study 1978, p.14).

Between 1887 and 1888, the land is sold to Joseph Hollow, so he now has land on both sides of his house at 103 Rowe Street. In 1889 the land next to these two blocks was purchased by E E Cornish (83-89 Rowe Street) and on this land is constructed a series of four single storey connected terrace houses, each with 5 rooms (Rate Books 1889). However the numbers changes and by 1890, it appears that the structures that were there may have been removed. The numbers are now 87-93 (owned by Cornish) and 99-101 (owned by Joseph Hollow). You can see from the outside that these are a similar design. In 1890, the only houses to have people living in them were John Laws (Clerk) in 87 and William B Freeman (Draper) in 93. These two houses were owned by Cornish.

The two owned by Joseph Hollow are registered, but neither have tenants nor do they state they are vacant. By 1891, they are all tenanted. These are smaller houses, each with 5 rooms (Rate Books 1890). Joseph and then Naomi (his wife) remained the owner of 95-97 until 1938 when they went for auction in December along with their home at 103 Rowe St (The Herald, 21 Nov 1938, p.19). 103 did not sell at auction and was listed separately for 1,150 pounds (The Age, 6 Dec 1938). Naomi Hollow had passed away on 22 September 1936 (The Age, 23 Sep 1936).

95 – Edward Lindsay (Gentleman) – resident 1891 and 97 – William Poole (Auctioneer) – resident 1891

95 – George R Shepard (Painter – resident 1892 – 1894 and 97 – Vacant and in 1893-1898 it was Ernest Lees (Teacher)

95 – John Neal (Salesman) has moved in 1895 -1901

In 1898, Charles Pucknell a Carrier is in 97, and in 1899-1901 it is John Bethell (Clerk)

MMBW Map 1904 showing Rowe Street in the bottom of the image and Rushall St to the right.

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