93-95 Westgarth Street, Fitzroy

Owned by J. A. Boell, formerly the “Fitzroy Ice and Refrigerating Company” started in 1877.

Realestate.com Image – December 2021 – sold for $1.79m

Slightly contradicting the above, Lina Favrin, Yarra Libraries says: “Dated as early as 1888, the “Dutch gabled” facade is what’s left of the original building first occupied by the Produce & Refrigerating Co. It was at about this time that refrigeration technology was first being widely introduced in Victoria for ice-making and the cold storage of dairy products, meat and beer. The site continued to be occupied by various companies associated with the refrigerated food and ice industry for over a hundred years.” (Yarra Past Port)

Taken from the Collingwood and Fitzroy illustrated Directory and Handbook, 1905.

It appears there may have been a fire or something with this ice works factory which reduced the size of the factory, because what exists today is just one side and it is like the lower floor is missing, replaced with moving the whole structure down to the ground level. More investigation to be done.

State Library Image – Committee for Urban Action (Melbourne, Vic.) – 1970-1974 – The Ice factory is the first building and behind it was the Bacon Curers – William Smith and Son (in 1900) which later became Peters Ice Cream.
Fitzroy Ice Works, 95-101 Westgarth Street – Fitzroy Industrial Walk – Oct 1992

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