82 Newry Street, Fitzroy North

  • Architect: Unknown / Builder: Unknown
  • Built: Unknown
  • First owner: Unknown
  • Other owners: Ponsford

Probably the most interesting information about 82 Newry Street, is that it was the birth place of Bill Ponsford on 19 October 1900. Bill is most famous for his amazing cricket career, being an opening batsman for both the Victorian and Australian sides. Bill Ponsford and Brian Lara are the only cricketers to twice score 400 runs in an innings. Ponsford was a fine player of spin bowling. He retired in 1934/1935 after the ‘Bodyline’ series of 1932-1933 where the bowling was much shorter.

Despite living in North Fitzroy, Bill Ponsford never played cricket for Fitzroy, but played Baseball (Fiddian, M 2004, Forever Fitzroy, A History of the Brunswick Street Oval).

For more information on Bill Ponsford, you can review the wikipedia summary.

Bill Ponsford – signed 1930’s postcard

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