67 Alfred Crescent, Fitzroy North

A large two storey dwelling of a comparatively chaste design for the period (1890) perhaps forshadowing the later depression. It comprises a simple hipped slate roof with eaves brackets over a square massing with a projecting wing on the right hand side which is terminated by a projecting bay – also finished with a hipped roof. The cement rendered facade has maintained its original natural finish and has little decorative treatment except string mouldings at the springing height of the arcuated window and cornices. A two storey verandah with intact iron lace is constructed in the space subtended by the projecting wing. The whole building is notable for its intactness including the cast iron double palisaded fence, as well as for its street scape value created by its scale, small setback and relationship to the adjoining neighbouring buildings.” North Fitzroy Conservation Study 1978 (Glossary)

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