6 Greeves St, Fitzroy

I haven’t done much research on this house. However, in looking at another property in the area, I understand that in 1912, the house was occupied by Margaret (born in Wales) and her husband Eduardo (Edward) Ibarra Aguiar (born in Valparasio, Chile).

Photo of 6 Greeves Street, Fitzroy taken from Realestate.com.au from when it was sold in 2010
  • Architect: Unknown / Builder: Unknown
  • Built: Unknown 
  • First owner: Unknown
  • Other owners: Eduardo Aguiar

Eduardo (Edward) Aguiar, 1912-1915

On 30 March 1912, Juanita was born to Margaret and Eduardo. The family then moved in 1915 to 31 Bell Street, Fitzroy, where they remained until about 1923-1925 when they moved to 303 Station Street, North Carlton. More information on this family is located under the entry for 31 Bell Street, Fitzroy.

Juanita is photographed here (published in the Argus), on 24 February 1954 waiting for the Queen to arrive at Melbourne airport. She is accompanied by Mrs M Connell and Iris Air.

Juanita Aguiar, Photo from the Argus taken in 1954 as they wait at Melbourne Airport for the arrival of the Queen

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