33-37 Bell Street, Fitzroy

  • Architect: Unknown / Builder: Charles Bird
  • Built: 1882
  • First owner: Charles Bird
  • Other owners: Daniel Mahoney
Photo taken by Rachel Axton on 14 June 2021 of 33-37 Bell St. It is surprising that 33 has the same width of 31 and 39. It and 31 are the only two with the glass around the door as well. What surprised me is that all of these houses have been cared for ‘together’ as a set. All have similar paint schemes, all have had their banister rails replaced since the original build (see 31 Bell St) and all now have an iron fence rather than the original wooden picket they commenced with.

The following history was provided by Andy Lanskis.

Following Bird leasing out the three middle terraces, in 1883, Charles Bird sells the three back to Daniel Mahoney (original owner of the land). Daniel Mahoney passes away in 1884, but his estate continued to lease the properties. I have not done any further research on these properties as yet.

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