549 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North

In 1877 there was only land on the NW corner of Newry St and Brunswick St. The Lord Newry Hotel had been built in 1873 and was onto its second publican Miss R. Gee, after M J Lever finished in 1876.

The two houses south of the Lord Newry Hotel, the Hotel and the land directly opposite on the NW corner were all owned by James Francis Arnold in 1876. J F Arnold was an auctioneer, land owner and politician. In 1862, it was likely that J F Arnold was dealing in hay and corn on the corner of Elgin St and Rathdowne St, Carlton. In 1862 a fire destroys much of the building and within 2 weeks he dissolves the partnership with Anthony Chapman and advertises for someone to rebuild the store. However the two years following finds him managing auctions of horses, cattle, land and buildings either from the site or from his location in Elgin St.

In 1863, Arnold also ups his campaign for a political career and is very active in the Smith Ward (Carlton), particularly in a campaign to have Fitzroy Borough cease depositing night soil in their ward (The Age, 1 Aug 1964) and by the end of the year presents for election, but is beaten in the Civic Elections by incumbent Cr. Goldsmith (The Age, 2 Nov 1864). I haven’t fully followed Arnold’s political career. It appears there is lots of attempts to stand in Carlton, North Melbourne and Fitzroy, without much success. However, he is eventually a councillor of Victoria Ward, as he resigns from the position in October 1878. This timing coincides with about the time when he files for insolvency and also when he loses ownership of each of the properties on Brunswick St.

By 1878, the three shops on the NW corner have been built with Broadley, the first resident, in the corner shop. Arnold is listed as the owner in late 1878 and Feb 1879, but by Nov 1879, the Modern Permanent Building Society is the owner.

The shop is listed as brick and of 7 rooms (Rate Books 1878, 1879, 1882 & 1887).

Thomas Buckland Broadley (Storeman, Grocer) resided here 1878-1890

Thomas Broadley was born on 14 July 1827 in Shenley, Hertfordshire, England, one of many children of Henry Broadley (1788-1841) and Ruth Buckland (1795-1873). Somewhere before 1850, Broadley migrated to Sydney and on 1 Oct 1850, married Hannah Frances White. They had one daughter Hannah Elizabeth Broadley (1851), but she did not survive to her 2nd birthday.

Broadley in 1876 was living north of Alexandra Pde in a brick shop that he owned, this may have been at 471? Brunswick St (Rate Books 1876, 1877) and is also recorded at Newry St & Rae St (NW corner) (Australia City Directories 1878).

By 1890, Thomas had moved to Harcourt Street, Hawthorn where he lives until he moves to Maryborough and lives with his nephew Edward Carter until his death aged 72 years in 1899 (Weekly times, 22 Jul 1899).

Christopher Irwin (Grocer) resided here 1890-192?

Christopher Irwin has a long stint in 549 Brunswick, which in 1890 was 93 Brunswick Street (prior to the street being renumbered).

1910-15 – Chris Irwin, Grocer

1920 – Chris Irwin, Grocer

1925 – Albt Wilcox & J Mullumby, Grocer

1930 – Edward V Whiston & Noone Bros, Grocers

1935 – Jno. M Swallow & Miss A.V. Hamilton, Grocer

1940 – Roy Stephens & Noone’s Grocery Corner

1945 – Noone’s Grocery Corner

1950 – J & P Walker, Grocer

1955 – J & P Walker, Grocer

1960 – R Mazzel, Grocer

1970 – N L Russo, Grocer

1975 – J & R Terrizzi, Grocers

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