290 Rae Street, Fitzroy North (Britten’s Building)

The Britten’s Building was created initially for F. H. H. Britten & Co., Ironmongers who operated from the site selling chandeliers, gasfitting, spouting, pipes, baths and tanks. (Fitzroy City Press 31 Dec 1885).

While the advert above ran in 1885, the Britten was operating as an Ironmonger in at least 1883 from the site “Last Sunday afternoon the landlady of the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel, corner of Rae and Reid streets, noticed a respectable looking elderly man walking about in a suspicious manner contiguous to Britten’s ironmongery establishment, which is situated on the opposite corner. After the ‘gentleman had peregrinated for a few minutes he coolly took a key from his pocket and entered the front door of the shop. In about five minutes after the man came out, and as he neglected to lock the door the lady’s suspicions were aroused, but before an alarm could be raised the burglar had decamped. On an examination of the premises being made it was discovered that about three pounds worth of goods had been abstracted.” (The Herald, 6 Nov 1883)

Image from advertising in the Fitzroy City Press – Dec 1885

In January 1886, W Schaffer advertises from the same site as the North Fitzroy Furniture Warehouse. (The Fitzroy City Press 9 Jan 1886).

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