28 Westgarth Street, Fitzroy

In 1877, Elizabeth Hill owned 28 Westgarth Street, however in 1878 the ownership transferred to Margaret Hill and the in 1880 to Ann Hill. The records suggest that Margaret Hill again owned the property in 1884 after a brief stint of a Charles Crabtree owning the house in 1883 and 1884. Further research is needed to understand this ownership, though I believe all of the three Hill ladies to be related. Further it appears they owned the properties at 24 Westgarth, 26 Westgarth, 28 Westgarth and 30 Westgarth street.

Photo from 2019.

The house was rented and in 1877-1884 to John William Oldfield a carpenter who had travelled from the UK.

John William Oldfield (1833-1893)

John was born in 1832, he grew up in West Yorkshire with his parents Thomas (Farrier) and Harriet. John initially married Elizabeth Atha (born in 1833) on 4 Feb 1856 at Armitage Bridge, St Paul, York England. John was residing at Huddersfield, Yorkshire at the time. John and Elizabeth had four children, Harriet (1858), Law (1860), Helena (1865) and Edit (1868). There is a record that suggest that Elizabeth died in 1869 in Huddersfield.

Hannah Lindley (born 1843 in Almondbury, Yorkshire), was also married (1866 to Henry Bower)but her spouse also seems to have passed and in early 1870, she marries John. The next record indicates they travelled to Australia in 1870 on board the Crusader, which carried 435 people (355 adults: 38 married couples, 165 single women, 103 single men and 91 children) to Australia. The voyage records John (age 37), Hannah (age 27), Harriet (age 11), Law (age 10), Helena (age 5) and Edith (age 2).

After arriving in Australia Hannah and John give birth to Ellen in 1871, Harry in 1872 (who passes when he is 5), Rosa in 1876, Clara in 1877, Mary Ann in 1878, Jessie in 1880. At the time they move to from 28 Westgarth there is 9 children and two adults living here. In 1885 they move to a new home built by William Reynolds, 427 Napier Street, Fitzroy, which is a three bed home, but still very small on 146m2 and have their final child Elsie May (board in 1886). They rented this property for many years.

More research is required for this house beyond 1885.

Photo from 2005

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