254 Brunswick St, Fitzroy

Police Station

In 1880, there was nothing between Greeves and Victoria St. In 1890, D.J. Chandler is recorded at 247-249 Brunswick Street (other side of the road) and at 254 Brunswick Street, is a Police Station housing Sergt. Michael O’Heare. (Sands & MacDougall, 1880,1890)

D J Chandler and W H Chandler (Ironmongers)

In 1890, D.J. Chandler is recorded at 247-249 Brunswick Street (other side of the road) but is located at 254 from 1895-1905. By 1915, they moved to their new location next to the post office 290-294 Brunswick St, but by 1920 this is recorded as 276-294 Brunswick St. (Sands & MacDougall, 1890, 95, 00, 05, 15, 20). There are two excerpts below from two sources, the have the dates of the Iron Foundary commencing at different times (1876 vs 1881) but the location on the Corner of Greeves and the to site next to the Post Office.

The Cyclopedia of Victoria, 1903-1905, Vol 1, p.532

“This business was established by Mr. J. Chandler, sen. in 1881, and taken over by the present firm a few years later, since when it has expanded rapidly, the trade in ironmongery alone being simply phenomenal. The firm have a large and extensive connection throughout the State, especially among squatters and selectors, whom they are ever ready to cater for with every necessity from fencing wire to ploughs of the latest and most approved make. Mr Chandler is well known and respected as a cyclist. He was one of the first to mount the ordinary bicycle in Victoria, and was for two years captain of the East Melbourne Bicycle Club, of which he won the president’s badge in 1900, and in 1895 won two road races of twenty-five miles each. Mr Chandler was also the introducer in Melbourne of a motor car built by a colonial firm, his machine having been built under his own supervision by the Tarrant Motor Company Limited, and has proved a good advertisement for that company combining, as it does, simplicity in construction and ease in operation. Mr. Chandler is a prominent member of the Masonic fraternity and a zealous working int he interests of the craft.” (The Cyclopedia of Victoria, 1903-1905, Vol 1, p.532)

“The ironmongery & hardware business known as D. & W. Chandler was established in 1876 by John Chandler, a Ballarat carrier, who “hung up his shingle on a 20ft by 30ft shop at the corner of Brunswick and Greeves Streets, Fitzroy.” The business became a registered private company as D. & W. Chandler Pty. Ltd. in 1912, and a public company under the name D. & W. Chandler Ltd., in 1922, with a nominal capital of £500,000. Stock in trade rose from £100 in 1876 to £136,000 by 1936, with the increase in staff over the same period being from 2 to almost 500.” (Museums Victoria Collections)

“The company’s first illustrated mail order catalogue was published in 1889, with 2,000 copies of a 60-page booklet being printed. By 1935, the annual catalogue had grown to180 pages with a print run of 40,000, with copies being found in “a very large majority of Victorian farm and station homes”.” (Museums Victoria Collections)

Google imagem – July 2019
The ‘Emu’ Cement Block Building Machine, by D & W Chandler of Fitzroy. D. & W. Chandler
Ltd., General Hardware Catalogue. Issue No 51, (D & W Chandler, Melbourne 1939), p 27

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