167-169 Fitzroy St, Fitzroy

“This building was constructed in 1922-23 and was reputedly designed by Walter Burley Griffin.  However no evidence of this claim has been substantiated throughout the (South Fitzroy Conservation Study, 1979).  The builder was W H Cooper.  The factory itself was designed in two parts, one for the polish manufacturing the other half for rental.  It has been suggested that Eric Nicholls may have designed the building in association with Griffin (Nicholls worked in Griffin’s office and was a close friend of the Lyddy family).” (South Fitzroy Conservation Study, 1979, p.118).

“The austere red brick façade is broken by a recessed entrance, above which is a decorative iron lintol, and the name plate “Joseph Lyddy: O.B.B. Polish Manufr” in raised cement lettering.  The façade is decorated by a delicate relief cement stringcourse which continues around the side lane – this detailing is typical of Griffins work, in particular some of his Sydney incinerators.  Internally, this building has little of note apart from the unusual timber trusses spaced at approximately 4 metre intervals.  This building is of significance locally, but additional investigation is required to verify it as a work of Griffin and establish its importance in relation to his other work.” (South Fitzroy Conservation Study, 1979, p.118).

O.B.B. stands for Lyddy’s trade slogan “Oily Black and Brilliant”

Image held by Fitzroy Library. Photo taken by Ross Keith (maybe in the 1970’s?)

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