Webb Street, Fitzroy

The first Crown Land sales in Melbourne in 1837 with 20 acres of Sub section 51 being sold to Mr Thomas G. Gore. This land, fronting Victoria Parade was subdivided early in 1850 by F. R. Gore and was developed entirely under the provisions of the new Melbourne Building Act (Fitzroy, Melbourne’s First Suburb, pages 7 and 15).

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In August 1851 Mr Gore auctioned his land referred to as ‘Gore Estate’ being sub section 51. The description of the land at the time described it as a ‘most healthy part of the City of Melbourne with commanding views of the bay, the Yarra and nearby countryside towards Plenty Hills’.

At this auction James Swords purchased Lot 43 and 44 in Webb St, for total of £105.

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  1. Council club hotel cr Napier st demolished 27 Webb demolished. Featured. In Squizzy Taylor. Book. Demolished

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