Queens Parade, Fitzroy North

“Before 1850, what became Queens Parade was a track (probably first created by Indigenous people) that linked Melbourne to areas to the east and north. The road was surveyed by Robert Hoddle and reserved as a three chain wide boulevard in 1853. The land adjacent to the northern most section of Queens Parade (south of Merri Creek) was part of the 1852 subdivision of Northcote.” (Fitzroy History Society Newsletter, May 2023, Jennifer McKeagney).

The track would have enabled First Nations people to walk to Merri Creek from the south west. Hoddle developed the track as a 60-foot wide boulevard for transportation towards the Heidelberg, which supplied much food for the settlement.

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  1. Benjamin Woodhead had properties in Queen Parade. I believe at one time he had cows grazing there. He was a dairy man.

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