267-285 Napier St, Fitzroy (Napier St School)

It is fascinating to read an article in the Age from Saturday 6 April 1935, called ‘Re-living the Early Days’ and to switch into the reminiscences of people looking back 35 years to the turn of the century. On the Napier Street School, it is written:

I also went to Napier-street school, where the Crellin boys and girls attended. Mr Wright was head teacher and after him Mr. Camm. Miss McCutcheon (familiarly known as ‘Biddy’), the Misses Rilley, the Misses McPherson and Miss Bloom were lady teachers. Mr. Lupson, a fine old teacher who when the class was a bit troublesome would run his fingers through his hair and tap his forehead, saying “Live here”; and then, putting his hand to the back of this head, would say “Play there.” Mr Kinsman gave us religious instruction and sometimes invited us down to his auctioneer’s shop, where he gave us lollies…. We boys from Napier-street school played at Jerusalem-square, next door to Paddy White’s, who was the head master at the Model School. Authored by ‘B.C.’

Committee for Urban Action (Melbourne, Vic.) 1970-1974 – Identifier CUAFY101/3 (State Library)

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