484 Napier Street, North Fitzroy (Elizabeth Terrace)

484 Napier Street is a seven room two storey brick dwelling with all conveniences, initially with land of 19ft x 100. It also included a brick stable facing the right of way at the rear on land of 16ft 6 inches x 20 ft. The stable was separated from the title in 1928 when sold. Refer to Elizabeth Terrace for the background of this land and building

484 Napier Street – first house on the left

Following its establishment, William Reynolds and Emily Reynolds move into the newly built end terrace (484) and Joseph James Oliver (who built the terrace with William Reynolds) moved into 480 (middle terrace). These two builders owned the entire terrace with William owning 484, Joseph owning 482 and 480 and the two of them co-owning 478 and 476. Reynolds and Oliver lived next to each other both here and at 50 and 54 Queen’s Parade for the rest of their lives. They were building partners and family, Emily Reynolds was Joseph’s younger sister.

From 1890 the house is used both as their residence, but also as the site for Reynolds & Oliver along with Abel Peters (who formed part of their contracting business for some time) to work from. Adverts ran in the papers for ‘Carpenter for rough work’, ‘Scaffold planks wanted’.

In 1900 Reynolds moves to his newly constructed 50 Queen’s Parade in around 1899 or 1900. He continues to own and rent out 484 Napier Street until his death in 1928. Some of the tenants include:

  • 1905 – Catherine I Spence with her son William Spence (who marries Marion Isabel Menzies of North Fitzroy in September 1905) and her daughter Charlotte Matilda (Lottie) (who marries Henry George Hardess in December 1906)
  • 1913 – 1925 – Louis (Salesman) and Matilda Rosen and their lodger Lazarus Silverman (Dealer) (Electoral roll – 1925) – Lazarus Silverman, “Lost, black note book. Reward. Return to L Silverman, 484 Napier st, N. Fitzroy” (The Age, Sat 8 Feb 1913, Page 5, Advertising)

484 Napier St is sold for 1,320 pounds and the rear stable yard is sold for 30 pounds on 28 April 1928 (and confirmed sold on 9 May 1928). (The Age, Sat 28 Apr 1928, Page 2, Advertising).

  • 1931 – Franny & Morris Solomon (Family Notices)
  • 1932 – Daisy Hawkesford was living at 484 Napier Street. On the 22nd December after a short illness, Joy, her loved only child (aged 6) passes away. Her husband, Jack Transvall Hawkesford had previously passed away on the 22nd December 1927 after a short illness in Cheltenham, Victoria, aged just 26 years. (The Age, Wed 23 Dec 1931, page 1, Family Notices / Examiner (Launceston), Mon 23 Dec 1929, Page 1, Family notices).

In 1945, Elizabeth Rebecca MacArthur is living at 484 Napier. Elizabeth is the daughter of Joseph James Oliver (who along with William Reynolds) built the terrace 45 years earlier. Elizabeth passed away in May 1945 (The Age, Sat 12 May 1945, Page 15, Family Notices).

Angus MacArthur (Sergeant of Police, Russell Street Branch), remained at the address until he passed away. In 1952, it was published in the Law Notices for those having claim to the estate to come forward. (The Age, Tue 26 Aug 1952, Page 7, Advertising).

  • 1954 – Thomas Re – “I, Thomas Re, of Italian nationality, born at Salina Province Messina, Italy, resident 50 years in Australia, now residing at 484 Napier Street, North Fitzroy intend to apply for Naturalisation under the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948” (The Age, Fri 14 May 1954, Page 14, Advertising)
  • 1955 – Vincenzo Bongiorno – “I, Vincenzo Bongiorno, of Italian nationality born at S Marina, Salina, resident 5 1/2 years in Australia, now residing at 484 Napier street, North Fitzroy intend to apply for naturalisation under the Nationality and Citizenship Act 1948” (The Argus, Thu 10 Mar 1955, Page 17, Advertising)

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