76 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (part of Glass Terrace)

These are thought to be some of the oldest surviving terrace houses in Fitzroy, though they were not built as one consecutive terrace. The numbers 72-74 were “almost certainly the pair of bluestone walled houses at numbers 72-74.” The South Fitzroy Conservation Study continues noting that “Now although Gill’s former assistant David Ross was later credited as the architect of the terrace he was not at this stage in sole practice, and no contemporary evidence has been found that either he or his firm of Dowden and ross designed the two houses” at the centre.” But it is clear that in 1856 he completed the terrace. (South Fitzroy Conservation Study 1979, p.14).

“It would appear to be not only the oldest such terrace surviving in Melbourne but also the seminal member of a group of very distinguished terraces in the immediate neighbourhood.” (South Fitzroy Conservation Study 1979, p.14).

Google Image – October 2017
East Melbourne Conservation Study collection 1979 – sourced from Flickr – Graeme Butler

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