71 Argyle Street, Fitzroy (Fitzroy House)

“The two-storeyed poly-chrome brick building on the north-east corner of Fitzroy and Argyle Streets was built-during the late 1880s and spent much of its early years as a boot factory , being occupied first by Richard Norgrove and L.F. Colbath in the 1890s. It was later occupied by Iron & Piper, from about 1900, followed by Iron & Co. from around 1910 and later occupied again as a boot factory by Thomas Layton in 1920s. By 1941, the Transformers Manufacturing Co. Pty. Ltd. had taken over the site and they continued to use it as a factory until the early 1970s.” Lina Favrin – Yarra Past Port

lron & Piper’s Boot Factory, 71 Argyle Street (cnr. Fitzroy Street) – Fitzroy Industrial Walk
Google image – January 2021 – Hopefully this renovation is tasteful, but given the look of the top, it looks like stock standard apartments. Time will tell!

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