6-8 Brookes Crescent, Fitzroy North

Housing Commission development area in Fitzroy North.

Image held by Fitzroy Library. House number 6. To left house number 4 (demolished), to right number 2. Classified as “good weatherboard”, not for sale to the Housing Commission. Poster in window says -This house not for sale to the Housing Commission” Photo by Elinor Scambler – 1971
House number 8. To left number 10 which is demolished, to the right house number 6. Number 8 classified as ‘good’, was bought by Housing Commission for $6,700 on 19 May 1970. The date of demolition is unknown. Photo held by Yarra Libraries. Photo by Elinor Scambler – 1971
Image held by Fitzroy Library. Looking South: Brooks Crescent Reserve, with local children showing off their cubby, built from Housing Commission demolition scrap. In background is No. 14 (part), No 12 and No. 10 (demolished) as well as No. 8 and No. 6. Photo by Elinor Scambler – 1971.
Image held by Fitzroy Library. No. 14 is partly shown on the left and No. 8 is partly shown on the right. No.10 and No.12 have been demolished. Classified as ‘Good weather board’, not for sale to the housing Commission. Also visible is a factory in Boston Place.

2 thoughts on “6-8 Brookes Crescent, Fitzroy North

  1. I have lived at number 6 brookes crescent fitzroy north for over 20 years now and the value of this property is around the 1.3 million. Huge difference since the 70s at around $6500

    1. Hi Craig,
      That is really interesting – yes the value has changed so much. So tell me – is your place one of the new ones built in the 1970s ? I am very interested in that area because it is such a fascinating part of the history of Fitzroy. I often wonder whether the numbering of the houses changed as a result of the changes. I would love any information you have and perhaps any photos you may have from when you moved in 20 years ago. Cheers Rachel

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