485 George Street, Fitzroy

Google Image – July 2019

The photo below shows 485 George Street as it was in 1901. The house was subsequently demolished and the dairy was built on the SW corner of Westgarth and George Street. The building now on this site is a newer extension to the dairy building which must have been built early 1900s.

The land between Gore St and George St was empty in 1901. The land was ready for subdivision but had not been built on. This photo above shows a game of cricket that occurred on the land from Rose St, all the way up and across Westgarth St (which is the street in the foreground. On the far right of the picture, you can see the side of 140 Westgarth Street and behind this closer to the camera is 485 George Street.
(Junior Cricket: Fitzroy La Mascotte v. South Yarra. Scene of the exciting play on Saturday at Smith Street Reserve, Fitzroy, The Australasian, 27 April 1901, p.26)

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