472 Napier St, Fitzroy North

George Pickup (Blacksmith, Victorian Railways)

“George Pickup purchased the lot on the north-east corner of Napier Street and Alexandra Parade in 1880 and built the eight room brick house in 1885 (with a net annual value of 40 pounds), which he occupied. In 1890, the NAV increased to 52 pounds, suggesting improvements or additions to the property (Rate Books). Notices in the Age from c1891 (31 July 2891:8) advertised board and residence available at 472 Napier Street; Pickup remained listed in the rate books as the occupant of the house during this period (Rate Books)” (Source: Queens Parade Built Form Heritage Analysis prepared by GJM Heritage in 2016)

The house a two story hawthorn brick terrace was the first in this part between Alexandra Pde and Queen’s Parade to be built. George and his wife Mary Ann (nee Constantine) are recorded as living in the house with their family.

MMBW – 1900 – From the plans you can see that by 1900 Pickup had created a second building on the rear of the property addressed as 157 Alexandra Parade. This has since been demolished.

George was born in December 1833 in Lancashire England and he married Mary Ann Constantine on 18 March 1858. After George passed away in July 1905 his wife Mary Ann Pickup remained at 472 and in 1915, William John (Cook) Pickup has the address recorded as his home address (Database of Fitzroy WW1 soldiers) and in 1917, the Pickup family were still there (Daily Examiner, 16 Jan 1917).

George and Mary Ann Pickup had 15 children, the last in 1901, four years prior to the death of George.

Family Tree – George Pickup – I traced the family tree, but given the number of children it is difficult to display it here. If you want more information, please contact.

Elizabeth terrace, the 5 two storey terrace’s next to it (behind 472 Napier in the picture below), were built in 1889.

Photo taken in 1929 looking north up Napier Street from the other side of Alexandra Pde. You can see 472 Napier St as the first on the right hand side.

Alfred Fellows

From 1925, Alfred Fellows, and his family, Myrtle, Ada and Joseph are living in the house. Alfred passed away on 28 April 1935 at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and was buried on 29 April 1935.

1935 – Alfred Fellowes, late of 472 Napier is buried on 29 Apr 1935. He passed on 28 April at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. He was married to Eva, father of Jean. Brother of Gertrude (Eastes), Ethel (Frazer), Myrtle (Gould), Clarence and Stanley.

Beyond 1949

The following is from the Queens Parade Built Form Heritage Analysis prepared by GJM Heritage in 2016:

In 1949, the corner property was advertised for sale, described as a two-storey brick house with 8 rooms and a 3 room weatherboard cottage (Argus 27 Aug 1949:12; 29 Sep 1893:8).

In 1982, 472 Napier Street was designated for use by the Housing Commission (North Fitzroy Parish of Jika Jika plan, Figure 3). In 2017 the house serves Yarra Community Housing Ltd, under the Department of Human Services (VGG 31, 2008).”

472 Napier St, Fitzroy

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