460 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North

This building was originally the Colonial Bank and was constructed in 1884 by architects Smith & Johnson and builder Hoskins & Sons. There were alterations made to the building in 190,1923, and 1956. By 1978, the owner was the National Bank of Australasia and today it is used by a Medical Practice. (North Fitzroy Conservation Study 1978)

“This bank, built in 1884 is an important, conservative, classical, corner bank building.” (North Fitzroy Conservation Study 1978) (Glossary)

A branch of the Colonial Bank was first opened in North Fitzroy in 1881. On the 26th August 1884 the contract for the building was awarded to Hoskins and Sons with Smith and Johnson as architects. Two of the original drawings still survive and show the original form of the bank. In 1901 the Queens Parade extension was added and J Beswicke was the architect. The contract awarded to W.H. Douglas on 12 July 1901. In 1918, the National Bank acquired the Colonial Bank and this bank became the North Fitzroy Branch of the National Bank. In 1923, a new Manager’s room was added to the north along Brunswick Street and the banking chamber enlarged. The architect was A.E. Dainton (?). In 1956 there was further internal re-arrangements and the corner entrance was altered.” (North Fitzroy Conservation Study 1978, including information from Mr Mitchell, National Bank archivist, Original Drawings dated 26 June 1884 held at the Premises Department, National Bank and Drawings from 26 June 1901 and June 1923).

“The building comprises a two storey trabeated facade surmounted by a dentillated cornice with a recessed splayed panel on the corner in the manner of Charles Laing. The upper storey with Ionic pilasters surmounts a lower storey with Tuscan pilasters. The pilasters of the lower storey overlay an arcuated door and window system. the upper storey rectangular windows are supported on consoles. The first window from the corner on the south face has a three centred arch headed window. This was originally an entrance with a six panelled bolection moulded door, but was later filled in, possibly during the Beswicke period of work. The corner entrance door (also originally six panelled) has been replaced by a modern one, but within the existing opening. The interior has the original cornice but the fire place has been removed.” (North Fitzroy Conservation Study 1978) (Glossary)

(North Fitzroy Conservation Study 1978)
Google Image – December 2020

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