45 Moor Street, Fitzroy

This location is now a block of flats incorporating what would have been part of the dairy. I haven’t yet determined when this house was built, but it was sometime after 1899. Originally individual plots the site was slowly bought up by Larcher’s Milk who ran their dairy here, including building the chimney out the back.

Also view 8 Cremorne Street, which has information added by Mike Moore relating to the chimney. The MMBW map form 1899 shows how the land was divided at this time, but over time Larcher’s expanded over the site, with the houses of at least 33-39 giving way to the Dairy business they were running. Again Mike has more on this on the above link.

MMBW Map 1899

Today, the land configuration is quite different and gives an indication of the land that Larcher’s Milk likely owned, running from 45 Moor Street back to about 8 Cremorne Street.

I haven’t fully researched Larcher’s yet, but this was an advert that they ran in the last edition of the Fitzroy City Press in June 1920.

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