44-48 Greeves Street, Fitzroy

Mrs Susan Mary Portlock who employed 19 females making mantles, now known as overcoats and capes originally had set up shop in 248 Brunswick Street. “In 1908 she registered her mantle-making factory at 44 Greeves St, employing 60 females. She lived
next door at 48 Greeves St.

Her daughter Edith Mabel married Percy Albert Cooper in Jan 1909, followed by an ‘at home’ reception at “Brixton” in Greeves St, the house probably named after Mrs Portlock’s early London suburban life. Mrs Portlock lived in Greeves Street until 1917, before moving. Mrs Portlock died in 1936, aged 93. Percy and Edith Cooper lived in Greeves St until 1924 with their 3 daughters.” (FHS Newsletter August 2021, article by Mike Moore)

Mrs Portlock lived in number 48, the two story building on the left. The building on the right was where her
mantle-making factory was. This is an artist impression of the recently completed apartments now on the site

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