371-385 Gore Street, Fitzroy

The below image I thought was the three terraces that remain at 389,391 and 393 Gore Street, but the Yarra Libraries have it listed as 371-385 Gore Street. there is a similarity with the former in that they are on a slope, are 3 terraces that remain out of a once set of five (you can see the fire place on the outside of the wall) and the furthest house has the open arch (which is the same as 389). But 393, has a triangle peak, which is not evident from this image, so I am going with the Library’s assessment.

Image held by Fitzroy Library. Taken from Fitzroy Municipal Rating Study .’In the distance is a terrace of three two-storey houses with a total frontage of 55ft. In the foreground is vacant land where other houses have been demolished.’ 1948

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