338-340 Young Street, Fitzroy

At the date of this photo the two houses here had been stitched together. You can see the middle section has been changed to place a window where once the two entrances. It is a fascinating photo as it would suggest that the three houses are all one.

Also interesting is the removal of the veranda’s. You can see in the MMBW map below that 338 and 340 were two separate houses in 1900. Also you can see the ‘v’ on the front for the veranda.

MMBW Map 1900

The houses have been re-separated and the tiles and veranda’s added back. The houses now also have their own separate roof. The give away to the work is that on both sides the part of the front wall above the door is rendered where as traditionally this part above the veranda would show the underlying polychrome brick work as visible on #336.

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