35 Leicester Street, Fitzroy

Alexander ‘Joe’ Lugton (Engineer)

Alexander and Judith initially had two boys, both William ‘Bill’ and Alexander ‘Joe’ join their father working in Alexander’s blacksmiths, engineers and boilermakers in Lonsdale Street in the late 1860’s. “Joe became the engineer and planner within the business” and in 1875, the firm became ‘A Lugton and Sons’. According to the Heidelberg Historical SocietyJoe married Emily Victoria Morcombe who was from Collingwood in August 1877 at his parents’ house in Gertrude Street, Fitzroy. They set up home near Joe’s parents at 29 Leicester Street, Fitzroy. After their first child, Edward died in infancy, they moved to a bigger house in Fitzroy where the next 12 children were born.”

In 1878, Joe is living at 29 Leicester Street, a brick house of 4 rooms (1878, 1879 Rate Books. William (his older brother is living at 43 Leicester). These numbers changed with the renumbering in the mid 1880’s and 29 Leicester became 35 Leicester.

In 1881, Joe had moved out from 29. William still owns 43 Leicester, but has moved out. Charles Thomas is now living here. (1881 Rate Books). 43 Leicester became 53 Leicester.

33-35 Leicester Street, Fitzroy – Google Images 2019

In 1880-84, Joe is living in Fitzroy Street in a brick house of 4 rooms, with land beside the house. It would have been numbered between 176-180 Fitzroy Street (1880, 1882, 1884 Rate Books). These numbers would have also changed and I am not sure where this moved to.

By 1917 he has moved to Heidelberg Road, Fairfield.

Photo of Emily Morcombe and Joe Lugton – from Robbin Tuddin (Ancestry.com)

After the death of Joseph Edward Lugton, they have Gertrude Sarah in 1879, Percival Fitzroy in 1880, Ernest Lonsdale in 1883, Constance Emily in 1885, Jane Rosetta in 1887, Joseph Alexander in 1888, Dorothea Morecombe in 1890, May Judith in 1892, Alexandrina in 1894, Bertha Margaret in 1896, Emily Victoria in 1899, Hector Keith in 1901

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