24 Napier Street, Fitzroy

In January 1886 the residents around 17-19 Napier Street were united against this premises, where they claimed Louise Seal, former ‘manageress’ for a similar institution kept by Madame Brussels in Lonsdale St was running a common brothel across the road from their residences.

One of those residents was Mrs. Herbert of 24 Napier St. She stated that she knew Louise by sight and that “her house was the resort for women of the town. The house was besieged from night till morning by cabs and hansoms, as if it were a concert room. In cross-examination this witness disarmed all criticism by her determined conduct and powerful sarcasm.” George Betsworth (a resident at 24 Napier Street) was also called as was Mrs. Etherell of No.34 Napier Street. (The Fitzroy City Press, 9 Jan 1886)

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