1A Highett Place, Fitzroy

The MMBW map indicates that the building shown below may not have existed in 1900, but there was a shed located on the site between Greeves Street and 1-2 Highett Place (now 1-3).

MMBW Map 1900

From looking briefly at the history of 2 Highett Place, there was bootmakers that lived here at times and in 1938, it was advertised that at 1 Highett Place, Fitzroy there would be a trustee’s sale of ‘Shoe Mfrs’ Machinery and Plant’ including a stock of shoes, lasts, leather and shoe polish. As house 1 Highett Place was very clearly a residence, it is likely this building is that which was sold.

Committee for Urban Action (Melbourne, Vic.) 1970-1974 – Identifier CUAFY112/5-6 – State Library
Google image – Jul 2019

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