198 Kerr Street, Fitzroy

There is not much to find on initial searches for 198 Kerr Street. The house must have been built in the late 1890s and the first record I have found for it is in 1898.

Google Image – January 2021

In 1898, the top level balcony room of 198 was leased. The feature of the house was use of the piano (The Age, 21 Sep 1898).

In May 1899 they advertised for a house maid (without children). And the balcony room was again advertised in Nov 1899.

Mrs T P Taylor, Nurse (1900)

Mrs M O’Loughlin (1905)

Edward J Wilkins (1910)

Elizabeth Walker (1915-1917)

Lieutenant A Walker (Jack) of 1st Division Signalling Company, the eldest son of E Walker was killed in action on 31 July 1917. He was aged 21 years and died after two years and 10 months service in Egypt, Gallipoli and France. (The Age, 18 Aug 1917)

At this stage I assume most of his brothers and sisters were still living at 198 Kerr, including Mary, Nellie, Daisy, Mrs McGan, Emily, Charlie (who was also in active service at the time) and George.

Vacant (1920)

Henry Alfred Maxwell (1923)

Henry, aged 27 was living here when he filed for a dissolution of his marriage to Laura Maxwell, aged 25 on the grounds of desertion. They had one child in Collingwood on 29 January 1916. The decree nisi was granted. (The Argus, 23 Feb 1923)

Vacant (1925)

Vacant 1930)

Store (1935)

Estate of T Faulkner (Storage only) (1940)

State Library Photo – Committee for Urban Action – Circa 1970-1974

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