18 Gore Street, Fitzroy

I haven’t confirmed it, but I believe this is the residence of Paul and Ann Coghlan, who moved here in the 1970’s from North Fitzroy. Paul became a Mayor of Fitzroy in 1974-1975 and Anne was instrumental in the reshaping and relocation of the Isobel Henderson Kindergarten among other community educational improvements. Both were heavily involved in the struggle to save Brookes Crescent, North Fitzroy from housing Commission demolition and their story of this was captured in 2015 by the Fitzroy History Society.

Google Image Dec 2020

Anne & Paul Coghlan – owners & residents from early 1970s.

Anne & Paul Coghlan – From the Oral History Project – Fitzroy History Society – Photo c. 1970’s
Photo rom the Oral History Project – Fitzroy History Society – I think of council? – circa 1970s

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