151 Westgarth Street, Fitzroy

There was land all around this area in 1910 which had not been developed, reportedly a swamp area. By 1915, Robert Spenser is recorded as occupying between George and Gore Street on the north side of Westgarth Street.

In 1920, there are now three houses between George and Gore St. Harold G Hosking at 147, Robert E Spence at 149 (likely the same Robert as above) and Edwin O Lewis at 151.

In 1925, Mrs Mary Stanley was living at 151.

1930 – Richard Norgrove

1935 & 1940 – John Stanley

1945 ?

John (Jack) Atkinson (Retired) resided: 1950-1964

The following is from ‘Jack and Bessie Atkinson, A Biography‘ by Jeff Atkinson of North Carlton. The full bio can be found here and a summary at 150 Westgarth St, Fitzroy. According to Jeff, Jack and Bessie managed well financially and had a new home built (perhaps in Clifton Hill), so moved out of 150 Westgarth between 1945 and 1950, however they did not like the new house and in 1950 they were back in Westgarth Street, this time at number 151, directly across the road from their old house.

Jack and Bettie loved Fitzroy and remained in Westgarth St until 1963/64. When Jack and Bessie finally moved away to Upwey to live with family, Jack was upset and passed away the following year. It is a beautiful story of the love of where you live. Thanks to Jeff for providing!

Sands & MacDougall has Jack still at this address in 1965, but given Jack passed away in August 1965 in Upwey, it is likely that this is incorrect.

1970 & 1975 – C Natsis

Committee for Urban Action (between 1970-1974) – Identifier CUAFY6/5 – State Library

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