131 Kerr Street, Fitzroy

The little wooden house. I am not sure when it was built but it could be as early as 1863. It is the oldest house on this street. If you know more about this one – let me know.

I first traced the house to Charles Riley in 1863. He owns and lives in the house. He is here until 1883. At this time the house is known as 91 Kerr Street. Charles moves out, but still owns the house, but in 1885 is renting it out to Henry Millsom.

By 1888, it changes to 131 Kerr St and now William Perry is living here. Then Arthur Moore (1893), William Hughes (1895), Kate Albert (1900), Walter Whitby (1905), Walter Woolnough (1910), William H Roberts (1915-1925) and then Herbert Black (1930-1960) and Mrs P McCormack (1965).

The photo below shows how the house was sitting in the early 1970’s. At this stage the house to the left had been recently pulled down (sometime around 1970 or just after) and this was the house closest to Young St.

State Library Victoria – Image from Urban Action Project – c.1970-1974

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