122 Westgarth St, Fitzroy

The first resident in 122 Westgarth Street was Arthur Otto Herbert. The houses were likely built in 1886. In 1885, there was only one house between Young St and Napier Street on the South side of Westgarth, which was likely 128 Westgarth.

Arthur Otto Herbert (Chemist)

Arthur Otto was born in 1856 and in 1884 married Maggie Glannon. Their home was initially in Collingwood before moving to the newly built Westgarth St in 1886. Initially he is recorded as renting from a baker John Roelens who owns 122, 124 and 126 Westgarth Street (and is residing in 126). This is common for those who build the homes to own and rent them and live in one while they finish working on it, but his occupation as a baker is not consistent with this.

1887 the Rate Books record the house as a 4 room brick house and by now John Roelens is gone from all the houses and Arthur owns 122. Arthur, Maggie and their family remain there till 1895.

In 1895 he moved and commences renting from David Polson at 27 Rae Street and by 1899, he is recorded in the Rate Books as renting from Charles Irish number 3 Groom Street in Clifton Hill. He is now recorded as a Storeman.

Ted Barber (grocer)

In 1897, Ted Barber has moved in. The house is now owned by the Estate of George Johnson. Ted remains in the house for a few years and is recorded by Sands & MacDougall as being the resident in 1900, but by 11 December, Rodger Gregan has moved in. The house was still owned by the Estate at this time.

Rodger (Rody) Gregan (Water Supply Officer)

Rodger Gregan was a Turncock in the Melbourne Board of Works, his role was to control the water supply. Gregan married Annie Hayes and they are recorded as the residents of 122 Westgarth Street from 1900 to at least 1905. By 1909 the pair had moved to Newry Street, Fitzroy North and later moved to 799 Brunswick St. There is no indication they had children. Annie passed away in 1936 and Rodger in 1940 (aged 79)

MMBW 1899 Map

Arthur and Anne Dawson

In 1908 Arthur, husband of Anne Dawson of 122 Westgarth St, Fitzroy passed away from heat apoplexy aged 41 years (The Age 20 Jan 1908).

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