122 Johnston Street, Fitzroy

“This building was constructed in 1886 for Samuel Peacock, a doctor.  The building is very grand and provides a landmark for the area.  It is of an unusual, possibly unique, three storey single terrace house design with a steep mansard roof and widows walk.  The original gas fittings survive to the façade.  Unfortunately, the building has been substantially altered at the ground floor, with the verandah infilled to the street frontage. The original balustrading to the upper floors and the verandah roof have been removed.  An early photo survives of the original façade showing the original verandah and cast iron balustrading. This building is of considerable interest of the imposing scale and detailing of the upper floor façade and roof.  It provides a landmark to this commercial precinct and would greatly enhance he area if the original verandah and roof were instated.” (South Fitzroy Conservation Study, 1979, p.135-136).

Google Image – Apr 2021

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