1-9 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy (Granite Terrace)

Along with Royal Terrace, Glass Terrace, and the Laing Terrace (39-49 Brunswick Street), Granite Terrace was part of this important group of large 2-3 storey terraces built in the 1850s. Granite Terrace was on the north side of Gertrude Street, near Nicholson Street and was built in 1858. (South Fitzroy Conservation Study 1979, p.15)

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“The owner of Granite Terrace was Henry Miller, M.L.C. – ‘Money Miller’ who lived in a large and interesting house, now demolished, in the south part of George Street. He was a figure comparable with Hugh Glass, and his architects for this terrace were Robertson and Hale. The intention was to display in these houses the granite from Miller’s quarries at Mill Park, and the building was a three storey one with a recessed arcaded loggia at ground floor level – a feature which was to be developed later in Falconer Terrace, Napier Street and in Blanche Terrace, Victoria Parade” (South Fitzroy Conservation Study 1979, p.15).

Image held by Fitzroy Library. This terrace was demolished. Architects were Robertson and Hale. c1958
Image held by Fitzroy Library. 1958

“Despite changing ownership over the years the houses were always occupied by gentlemen or genteel widows and ladies of independent means. In 1965 the building was abandoned and subsequently thoroughly vandalised. The Fitzroy Council estimated it would cost 30,000 pounds to buy the terrace and 20,000 for renovations. No-one came forward to rescue this landmark building. It was demolished, despite the National Trust’s claim that the building was highly significant and should be preserved as one of the few buildings remaining in Melbourne with a colonnade on the ground floor. It was replaced in 1974 by a bland brown brick office block.” (Gertrude Street, Jill Robertson, Fitzroy History Society, p.7)

Granite Terrace 1-9 Gertrude St, built for Henry Miller by Robertson & Hale, 1858-9 [now Turnleys]. photograph in 1962 by John Collins. State Library of Victoria H96.210/38. Source: Miles Lewis, Gertrude Street Walk, April 2013.
Photo circa 1965. (Gertrude Street, Jill Robertson, Fitzroy History Society, p.7)
Image held by Fitzroy Library. This photograph was commissioned by the Fitzroy Photographic Committee in 1986 by Caroline Philipp. Built on the site of Granite Terrace after it’s demolition in 1965. No 11 (right) was built 1857.


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