Research sites

These are the key sources of the information used to populate the site. As you can see many are incomplete or not yet commenced..

Researched (completed FY2021 – Today)

  • St. Luke’s Church of England, North Fitzroy, St. Mark’s Church of England, Fitzroy, by Deborah McColl, 1967 (Fitzroy Library)
  • St Mark’s Fitzroy – 1853-1923 – 70th Anniversary Brochure (Fitzroy Library)
  • St Mark’s, Church of England, Fitzroy 1853-1953 – Centenary Brochure (Fitzroy Library)
  • Yarra Council’s Past Port (as at Jan 2022 – all can add to this site, so it may have been updated since)
  • Yarra Libraries1540 photos reviewed and added where relevant to Fitzroy.

Research (in progress)

For the future

  • Collingwood and Fitzroy Illustrated Directory & Handbook 1905 Located @ Library
  • Our Local Men of the Times, Biographical Sketches of the Prominent Citizens of Collingwood and Fitzroy, J. M. Tait, 1889 – but I want to do this one when I have more names in my document.
  • The following maps (as quality is poor in North Fitzroy Conservation Study 1978: “Plan of Melbourne and Suburbs 1888 By A.C. Allan and Tuxen, Surveyors” showing crown section and allotment numbers.
  • “Plan of Allotments in North Fitzroy” showing first purchase from Crown
  • “Plan of Melbourne 1854” Showing quarry allotments in Nth Fitzroy which had been sold by the Crown in 1851
  • Plan of Melbourne 1841 showing allotments and suburbs.
  • L. J. Harding “Development of Tram Engine Houses”, B. ARch. Uni of Melbourne (undated)
  • “Twentyman & Askew Day Book” La Trobe Library. Manuscript Collection: October 1886. Car house in Johnston Street, Collingwood.
  • City of Yarra Heritage Review – Thematic History 1998 – Stored in FHS Documents
  • Australian Builders and Contractors News
  • ANZ Bank archivist
  • Fitzroy Urban Conservation Study Review 1992
  • City of Yarra Heritage Review 1998
  • CIty of Yarra Heritage Review of Heritage overlay area 2007
  • City of Yarra Heritage Gaps: An Overview 2004
  • City of Yarra Heritage Gaps: Stage 1 2008 & Stage 2 2009
  • City of Yarra Heritage Gaps: Review 2 & Sudy 233-251 Victoria St, 2012
  • City of Yarra Heritage Gaps Study, Review of Smith St South Precinct and 17 Heritage Precincts 2014
  • Osborne House Report – prepared by the Historic Buildings Sub-Committee of Fitzroy, May 1979
  • Melbourne City Building Register
  • Fitzroy Town Hall conservation Plan (1990) – Robyn Riddett
  • History of the Fitzroy Library 1877-1997 – Carol Woods
  • Fitzroy Town Hall: Heart & Soul of Fitzroy (2007) – Mike O’Brien
  • Victoria and its Metropolis
  • Report by Dr. M.B. Lewis “North Fitzroy Uniting Church” Prepared for the Historic Buildings Preservation Council 20 July 1975
  • B Trethowan “A Study of Banks in Victoria 1851-1939 for the Historic Buildings Preservation Council, Dec 1976
  • Photos and documents held by the State Savings Bank Archivist / Premises Department
  • The Black Mile,” about the Koori history of Gertrude Street – website inc gallery of photos of the Builder’s Arms and other significant sites along the street.
  • The Inner Suburbs: The Evolutio of an Industrial Area MUP 1971 – B Barrett.
  • Edmund Finn account of Fitzroy – 1841
  • Daws K and McAllester, Hotels with corner towers in Fitzroy – B.Arch. University of Melbourne
  • Australasian Builders & Contractor News (pre 1900s)
  • Victoria & its Metropolis, Ralph Besant
  • Australian Builder (pre 1900s)
  • Plan of Subdivision of Melbourne Suburban Section No. 50 Property of G W Cole – Ken Smith (held at Fitzroy Library)

Research ideas:

  • Apparently ” in the northern part that batches of migrants of the 1840’s settled often in large groups from the same ship, such as those who arrived on the ‘Argyle’ in March of 1841 and in later trips and gave the ship’s name to two streets and many cottages.” (South Fitzroy Conservation Study 1979, p. 9) – this could be fascinating to review the residents against the ship to create a more detailed story
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